Blackfriars Rd, SE1


The Blackfriars of this campaign refers to the area around Blackfriars Road, on the south side of Blackfriars Bridge in London SE1. The road gets its name from Blackfriars Bridge, the first version of which was opened in 1769. The bridge got its informal name first from the Blackfriars Monastery, a Dominican priory that stood nearby, in the City of London on the northern side of the bridge. Blackfriars Road was originally built in the 1760s as the southern approach to the new bridge, and was originally called Surrey Road. Now the area in the north-western corner of the Borough of Southwark, and even parts of the north-eastern Lambeth around Southwark underground station is often informally known as Blackfriars. Officially the area belongs to the Borough and Bankside Area of Southwark.

The Southwark Council Planning Character Appraisal for the Blackfriars Road Character Area (.pdf) is online on the council website here. Incidentally it does not list the proposed Linden Homes site at 169-173 Blackfriars Road as nominated for development. It does however recommend a listing for the Sons of Temperance building at 176-177 Blackfriars Road, adjacent to the Linden Homes proposal site.

The north part of Blackfriars Road, between The Cut and the river Thames is also designated by Southwark Council as suitable for tall buildings. The Linden homes development is outside this area, even if one of the proposals is for a 27 storey building. The Council Tall building study (.pdf) is available here.


3 thoughts on “Blackfriars Rd, SE1

  1. TERRY says:

    We need to improve the area, it needs more development. When the Palestra was built, it brought more business to the area and improvements, we need more of this.
    Also, from webber street to st. george’s square the area looks like a ghost town. We need RENOVATIONS and IMPROVEMENTS!!

    • Chris says:

      Agreed Terry
      Blackfriars road has the potential to be a great boulevard that leads up to the river and the city/westend
      At the moment everything is so bitty and some areas rundown and lacks identity and vibe . I think it we be great if there were a good blend of buildings that sit well with the older and improved buildings. Its great that the likes of friars house are refurbishing and improving.
      I Really hope we see more trees in and verges along this great road also.
      “The only thing we can rely on is change” so we should embrace it and make sure we have our say in them.

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