Consultation open on the Blackfriars Road Cycle Superhighway

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September 22, 2014 by Juha Repo

As we have reported before, Transport for London are planning to turn Blackfriars Road as part of a new North-South Cycle Superhighway. It would have separated cycle lanes all the way from Elephant and Castle to King’s Cross.

The plans have been now also integrated (loosely) into Southwark Council’s plans for the road. Here is how TfL says the 10 design principles set by Southwark would be met:

A PDF Document on the 10 design principles

This one caught our eye:

Develop an identity for Blackfriars Road to become a

Street scene would have the look and feel of no other
in UK. A flagship urban realm scheme

Indeed this plan is so new, that when we asked about access to bus stops in today’s consultation event in Palestra, they said they hoped to get new “mini zebra crossings” approved to give pedestrians safe access to the bus stops, that would now be placed on an island that divides the motor vehicles and cyclists.

It would seem from the plans that there may not be enough space to wait for your bus on the island, if there are several people waiting. So it would involve waiting for a natural gap (regulated by traffic lights further away) in the flow of cyclists to get to your bus, but if you arrive just at the same time as your wanted bus, you might miss it if there are plenty of cyclists on the cycle lane. Unless a new mini zebra crossing is approved in time, giving the pedestrian the right of way.

Also many bus stops will be moved along Blackfriars Road, the road itself will become two-lane for motor traffic instead of the four lanes now and some side roads will become one-way only. The planners could not provide any calculations on the slowing down effect of road traffic, but it is apparently going to be placed on the website “soon”, in about two weeks.

At least two more dates have been announced for consultation:

2 October at Blackfriars Underground station northern ticket hall from 16.00 to 20.00

10 October at 197 Blackfriars Road (opposite Southwark Underground station) from 16.00 to 20.00.

The consultation will run until 19 October 2014.

The consultation website is

The site has an illustration on how Blackfriars Road would look before and after the changes.


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