It was meant to be a college…


August 6, 2014 by Juha Repo

No surprises here. The Octavia House redevelopment was sold to the council planners and residents as a music college – surely a very worthy cause. So worthy they don’t even bother mentioning it in the hoardings or the website now that they have their permission.

“Another luxury development” indeed.




2 thoughts on “It was meant to be a college…

  1. Tim Jerram says:

    The College is The London College of Contemporary Music currently based at 50 – 52 Union Street. This college is a branch of Middlesex University. I called in and spoke to them about the possibility of music leakage out into the street, but they said the new building was being ‘purpose designed’ – although they didn’t go as far as saying it would be ‘sound proofed’, Readers may not be aware but you can clearly hear music on the street as far down as flat-iron square from the current college location.

  2. sue says:

    The college is actually an independent college and not part of Middlesex University. Also, the music you can here in Flat Iron Square is probably coming from their other building in Union Street – on the corner of O’Meara Street. Not sure how the residents of the flats in the new building will cope with the music coming from the school!

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