Surely they can’t be laughing at Southwark Council?


July 31, 2014 by Juha Repo



Is Southwark becoming the joke of London? Could “the star of regeneration” be losing its shine?

From Private Eye 1371, 25 July 2014


One thought on “Surely they can’t be laughing at Southwark Council?

  1. It seems that little has changed since Private Eye’s article of July 2014. The list of gifts and hospitalities for Peter John, which is well documented and in the public domain at – includes a number of developers as donors, with the most recent one (from Berkely Homes) being recorded today. Even though this is perfectly legal activity as long as it is declared, I have always wondered why a council leader (or any councillor in fact) would consider it wise to accept gifts from developers, since this leaves them open to criticism of being biased when it comes to planning in the borough – especially in a borough such as Southwark, which in the past four years has become increasingly well known (in Cathedrals Ward at least) for approving contentious applications time and again that result in the demolition of unlisted heritage assets as well as consisently coming in way below the required levels for affordable housing. No wonder Southwark came under the radar of Private Eye.

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