Octavia House – the images they did not show us


April 22, 2014 by Juha Repo

We have been given the following computer generated images of the proposed development at Octavia House, in the junction of Union Street and Nelson Square.

There are views from Nelson Square and La Gare apartments, and none of these views were included in the planning application.

Click on the thumbnails for a bigger image:

These images of the area around Octavia House, with computer enhancement, show starkly that the proposed new structure is completely out of scale, both in terms and mass and height, with its surroundings.

Octavia House_Massing Report

The second set of images of recent buildings close by is clear evidence of how scale is reduced as adjacent existing buildings get closer. Add to these the images of Linden Homes development on Blackfriars Road and the original Octavia House proposal, and there is a compelling list of precedents. The new Octavia House proposal is a monster with no attempt made to harmonise with existing structures. The proposal needs drastic revision.


The planning application for Octavia House has been delayed and will now probably not be considered until after the local elections in May. So there’s still time to make your views known to the Southwark Planning Department. Email Daniel Davies, planning.applications@southwark.gov.uk and planning.consultation@southwark.gov.uk, quoting 13/AP/3815.

We are providing the two separate email addresses as we understand the one for “consultation” will reach the planners quicker. But just to be safe, we recommend putting in both email addresses.



2 thoughts on “Octavia House – the images they did not show us

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