London skyline is going up and up – 230 new towers will transform the city forever

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April 3, 2014 by Juha Repo

One of the main issues with the BARD campaign has been the seemingly unstoppable desire by developers and our councils to build higher and higher towers, without much concern for the existing environment.

This issue has now been raised all over London, and writers in newspapers like the Observer are increasingly worried for the London Skyline being transformed forever.

Architect Rowan Moore published last weekend an article in the Observer, and also a campaign was launched in the paper to save our skyline.

There is also an interactive map, where you can see for example how Bankside will look from Blackfriars Bridge after all the proposed towers have been built.

The Guardian/Observer London Skyline debate microsite here

Same issues have been covered The Evening Standard as well. Simon Jenkins says in an opinion piece in the London newspaper: “Taking action now over our skyline is too little too late”

Read the column here

In the same issue Robert Bevan reports about a new exhibition, where the full scale to changes for the London skyline becomes obvious. In his article titled “Dubai-on Thames” he takes a critical view to how little consultation is happening for these fundamental changes.

Read the article in full here

The exhibition London Growing Up! is at NLA, The Building Centre, 26 Store Street, WC1 until 26 June. The exhibition website is at

More about empty investment properties in the Evening Standard here and here

BARD is naturally following this debate and hoping to be able to contribute to the campaign to consult existing central London residents and see how local residents could feel they also are benefiting from all the new development, that seems to be run by international investors.


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