Bankside Residents Forum in fear of closure


February 10, 2014 by Juha Repo

BARD has received some alarming news from our friends at the Bankside Residents Forum (BRF). The directors and officers are sending out a final call for directors and officers ahead of the upcoming Annual General Meeting 24 February. Unless committed new volunteers can be found, the current serving directors and officers will be forced to table a motion proposing the closure and dissolution of BRF.

Bankside Residents Forum (BRF) was set up by residents in 1995 to involve and empower local residents in the regeneration process. BRF is run by residents for local residents.

See the BRF letter in it’s entirety below:

Important Statement from the BRF
Directors and Officers

Two years ago, Bankside Residents Forum lost its Council grant and was no longer able to employ an Administrator. Serious efforts have been made since then to sustain BRF on the basis of voluntary effort. A small Management Committee have continued to organise regular Open Forums which have generally been well attended, but the more time-consuming and specialist tasks of monitoring the huge number of local planning applications and enabling residents to engage with the council and with developers has not proved effective on the basis of volunteers alone.

In the January 2014 Newsletter we appealed for volunteers, but no-one has come forward to offer help with the task of representing residents.

Applications for funding for a paid worker have been unsuccessful.

The BRF constitution requires there to be three or more Directors. Three of the four current Directors are, for various good reasons, resigning at this AGM. Some of the Management Committee, who have served temporarily as Chair, Secretary and Treasurer are also giving up their role as officers. BRF cannot continue to function, even as an unfunded network of volunteers, without people willing to take on these roles.

In its history over nearly twenty years, BRF has served a valuable role in helping local residents engage with the processes of regeneration happening around them in Bankside. It may be that the organisation has served its purpose and groups of residents are now better equipped to fight their own local battles. It may be that the scale and pace of regeneration in the area are now beyond the capacity of a small group representing local residents. Or it may be that other groups ( like the Neighbourhood Forum) are better placed to continue BRF’s work.

The AGM will discuss the issue, but unless new people have come forward to serve as Directors and Officers, the Directors and officers will table a motion proposing the closure and dissolution of BRF.

The Directors and Management Committee
Feb 2014

IF you are interested in maintaining BRF and can offer skills and commitment please write to by the end of Sunday 16 February with a brief CV and to discuss possible nomination.

Annual General Meeting
Monday 24 February
Community Space, 18 Great Guildford Street, London SE1


  • 1 Welcome
  • 2. Presentation: Open Streets Day: Sat 14 June, Europe’s first Open Streets Day – in Southwark Street and Blackfriars Road. Learn what it is all about!
  • 3. Business Meeting: Agenda
  • Annual Report from Directors
  • Annual Accounts
  • Election of Directors and officers
  • Motion from Directors to close the Bankside Residents Forum (if no volunteers forthcoming)
  • 4. Party – refreshments

One thought on “Bankside Residents Forum in fear of closure

  1. […] no longer available. In addition, two committee members have resigned owing to other commitments. The AGM is on Monday 24 February and unless a committee is voted, the Forum will close. Meeting is at Better Bankside Community […]

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