More extensive development proposed for Blackfriars Road


January 22, 2014 by Juha Repo

A couple of new developments in the immediate vicinity of Blackfriars Road has been highlighted by the LondonSE1 community website.

These are included in the consultation responses in connection of the Blackfriars Road supplementary planning documents available on the Southwark council website.

First large scale development is proposed for the site bounded by Blackfriars Road, Burrell Street, Nicholson Street and Chancel Street. The site currently is partly in residential use. Also the Prince William Henry pub would be lost under the new development. The landowners suggest the development on this site could be as high as the recently finished new building at 240 Blackfriars Road.

Read the extensive article on the LondonSE1 website here.

It has also been revealed that Transport for London are looking to have a “landmark development” over the Bakerloo Line depot at St. George’s Circus.

Read about these plans in this LondonSE1 article. 

See the image below for potential development sites indicated in the Blackfriars Road SPD:



One thought on “More extensive development proposed for Blackfriars Road

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