Imbibe occupiers evicted, demolition begins

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January 8, 2014 by Juha Repo

Just as soon as we informed you about the doomed Imbibe pub building being occupied, it was cleared by representatives of the developer on Wednesday 8 January.

On Tuesday, user ‘Calamity’ posted the following on the London SE1 community forum:

Very sad to report that the very nice young and idealistic occupiers who moved into the Imbibe pub in Blackfriars Road mid-December lost their appeal and have now been given their marching orders by Lambeth County Court on Fri 3 Jan after the owners of the site successfully applied for an IPO just before Christmas

They had lovely ideas about opening up a BitCoin establishment for the benefit of the community and to celebrate the spiritual home of Charles Dickens and Charlie Chaplin

Would like to wish them well wherever they go to next

The following photo was posted on Twitter on Wednesday morning by user @Fantastical_Dom:

"Coppers and some rather large private security men evicting squatters on Blackfriars Road "

“Coppers and some rather large private security men evicting squatters on Blackfriars Road “

Since then the developers have moved fast and most of the pub and the Victorian block next to it are now behind scaffolding and demolition work seems imminent.

It is with sadness we bid the final farewell to one of the last remaining buildings from when Blackfriars Road was laid out in the 18th century. We have lost a pub dating to mid 18th century, and a row of local independent shops. Blackfriars Cafe has been allegedly promised a return to the new development by Linden Homes. Whether they can make it economically viable with a brand new Pret a Manger right next door remains to be seen.


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