The Blackfriars Mile proposals


November 4, 2013 by Juha Repo

The following from Southwark Council’s Chief Executive’s department:


Southwark Council is working with partners and the local community to deliver the Blackfriars Mile, a mile of high quality public realm connecting the river to the Elephant and Castle. Whilst plans are being developed for the streetscape scheme, we are also working to create a new series of events that celebrate and promote the area.

We would love to hear your ideas for events which could be held along or near the road over the next 2 years – please find the attached short brief document which summarises the programme, outlines how you can get involved, and provides a list of previous events to whet your appetite!

131101 Blackfriars Road Events Brief

We would be grateful if you could forward this open call proposal on to interested neighbours and colleagues and look forward to hearing your proposals by 5pm on friday 6 December 2013 – please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions about the brief.

For further information and a latest timeline on the Blackfriars Road streetscape project, please visit

If you missed the draft document of the Blackfriars Road SPD from June, Blackfriars_Road_SPD_June_2013__low_res_ target=”_blank” and see what the council has listed as development opportunity sites in our area, page 23.


4 thoughts on “The Blackfriars Mile proposals

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  2. Chris says:

    Great News! Blackfriars road and surrounding areas are an iconic part of CENTRAL LONDON in ZONE1. Yes there are some great historic buildings that should be kept or refurbished. And if possible some not so old buildings can be refurbished and bought back to life. Friars House is a great example of this. The Changes and redevelopments of this boulevard to the south bank can only be better for the community and create more jobs and better than the dull grotty playground for drunks that it has been for so long. “The only thing we can rely on is change”

  3. […] point of discussion was the Blackfriars Mile event planned by Southwark Council. The £15.000 sum reserved to be divided between all participants was […]

  4. […] The Blackfriars Mile events on 15 March were announced to the meeting, and cllr Adele Morris informed the meeting that she has now been able to join a Transport for London committee dealing with Blackfriars Road plans to be able to coordinate the plans with council. […]

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