Several new developments in the Blackfriars Road Area


October 30, 2013 by Juha Repo

Since we fought the large scale development by Linden Homes, and won a partial victory in significantly reducing the scale, several new developments have been announced for the area.

Octavia House – Union Street/Nelson Square

A planning application is expected to be submitted for

Demolition of existing buildings on site and construction of a 9,507sqm (GEA) building to provide a music school with residential above, plus landscaping and ancillary works. The building will be 44.2m in height (48.8m AOD) and will consist of 12 storeys plus basement incorporating a mezzanine level.

Southwark Underground Station

The site owners Transport for London is reported to be looking for a developer for the space above the station, see article below:

Algarve House/Styles House, The Cut

Development Securities has bought the site of derelict Algarve House from Southwark Council. It was first reported that the developers were in talks with the council to buy adjacent land at Styles House, including some residencies. This was after the issue was posted on a council agenda, but Southwark Council has since said it will not pursue any sale of land without consulting the residents first. Read the original piece on LondonSE1 below:

90-91 and 92 Blackfriars House (now occupied byComputaCenter)


Planning permission already granted for

Demolition of existing buildings and erection of a replacement building of five to eight storeys in height (max height of 27.5m), plus basement, comprising 53 residential units, 633 sqms of retail floorspace (Use Class A1) and 767 sqms of office floorspace (Use Class B1), disabled parking spaces and roof top landscaped amenity areas.

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BARD will be meeting soon to regroup for these and other new challenges facing our area. Email us on betterblackfriars (at) gmail (dot) com to be entered on our mailing list to hear about our meetings!


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  1. […] has been bought by Development Securities. They have been is discussions with Southwark Council to buy some of the council owned land to be integrated to their development. After an outcry from Styles House residents Southwark Council […]

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