Southwark Council fighting to keep Elephant deal secret

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September 24, 2013 by Juha Repo

The Evening Standard reported some time ago how Southwark Council gone to a tribunal to be allowed not to provide information about the Heygate Estate deal.

Some local residents have placed a Freedom of Information request for the details of the £1.5bn deal between Southwark Council and the developers Lend Lease.

The request is also asking why Southwark has come to agree to reduce the percentage of affordable housing from 35 to 25.

The Linden Homes development, that BARD has been following, was only approved by the Southwark planning committee after the developers agreed to raise the percentage of affordable homes to 31, also still well below the Southwark approved policy of 35%.

Read the Evening Standard article here

For more investigation into developers and their contacts to London councils, we can refer to this report below, called Scaring the living daylight out of people.


The following damning quote is from this report:

The revolving door between Southwark Council and developer Lend Lease has seen a number of high profile council employees move from the council to work for Lend Lease. In Southwark, the confidential agreement with the developer – kept secret by the council and revealed by mistake – shows that having spent £44 million pulling down the estate, Southwark will receive only £50 million for the 22 acre estate from developer Lend Lease – far below market value, while just 79 of the 2,535 new homes will be social housing.


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