Southwark’s vision for Blackfriars Road – consultation open until 12 Sep


July 22, 2013 by Juha Repo

Southwark Council opened the consultation for their Blackfriars Road SPD plan in June, and they are accepting comments until 12 September.

There are also a few further consultation events planned:

17 August 2013 – Blackfriars Settlement. 11:00 – 12:30pm. This workshop will take place at the new Blackfriars Settlement building at 1 Rushworth Street, London SE1 0RB.

19 August 2013 – Bankside Community Space. 7:00 – 8:30pm. Venue: 18 Great Guildford St London, SE1 0FD.

2 September 2013 – Bankside Residents Forum. Time and venue to be confirmed.

There are a few key points in this plan, like

Our strategy is to provide a mixed use town centre,
supporting a range of town centre uses alongside the
existing predominant business use. We encourage more shops,
restaurants, cafes and bars. We also support new hotels and
encourage a mix of arts, cultural, leisure and entertainment
uses. We encourage new and improved social infrastructure and
community facilities as part of mixed use developments.

Our guidance requires high quality new development that makes a positive
contribution to local character and distinctiveness, including consideration of the historic environment. Along the main roads of Blackfriars Road, Stamford Street and Southwark Street we will require development to reinforce the civic scale. We will require a finer grain of development along the minor roads.

We require development to be of an appropriate height, encouraging tall buildings at the key gateways and nodes. We will encourage:
Heights of up to 30 metres along most of the main roads.
• Heights off the main roads to generally be lower.
• Tallest buildings at the north end of Blackfriars Road to reinforce the gateway location.
Height to be set back from river.
• Focal points at nodes: Southwark tube station (up to 70 metres) and St. George’s Circus (up to 70 metres).

The consultation papers are all available on the Southwark Website here or below

Blackfriars Road SPD

Documents linked to the preparation of the Blackfriars Road Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

There is also a further meeting on the issue organised by Waterloo Community Development Group, on Wed 24 July 7-9 pm at the Waterloo Action Centre



LondonSE1 community website also covered this extensively


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