The Consultation Period for the proposed Linden Homes development at 169-173 Blackfriars Road is about to begin


May 13, 2013 by Juha Repo

What is this about? Linden Homes want to build a ten storey block [tapering down to 6 storeys over the area of the Pocock Street garages] providing 94 housing units and five retail/commercial developments. Imbibe and the existing shops at 169-173 Blackfriars Road will be demolished.

How will this affect the area / How could this affect me?

• You may be concerned about the height and bulk of the building; the loss of daylight and/or sunlight; the lack of privacy if you live in Helen Gladstone House; pressure on local amenities including parking.
• You may care about conservation in the area, that the proposed development is next door to the Kings Bench Conservation Area [which includes Pakeman House]; and you may care about preserving Georgian era buildings, like the frontage of Imbibe [Southwark Council’s own ‘Public Realm’ study says such buildings ‘can anchor the character of the street and provide historic continuity’.]
• You may wish to point out that the bulk of the proposed building lacks sensitivity to existing surroundings
What sort of Objections / Comments will the Planning Committee take note of?
• Design, height and bulk of the development, interference with TV signals, wind tunnel effect. Is the proposed building the wrong scale for the site, is the design, appearance and materials appropriate for the locality
• Traffic generation, highway safety and parking, adequacy of parking, loading and turning
• Will it fit in with the surrounding area
• It will put additional pressure on local amenities, ie GP surgeries and existing open spaces
• Will it affect my amenity in terms of daylight, privacy, loss of light, overshadowing
• Loss of local shops [newsagent, cafe and dry cleaners]

Objections which are not relevant to Planning considerations: Loss of property value, loss of a view, the impact of construction work [including noise and dust], inconvenience of building, blocked access, rights of way, views about the applicant

How can I comment on the plans?

You can email or write to Planning Applications, Southwark Council, PO Box 64529, London SE1P 5LX Quote Ref 13/AP/0966 [Linden Homes South East Ltd and Thames Valley Housing Association]. You will need to give your postal address. Your comments will be made public. You should say if you do not wish your address to be published. If you are sending by email, you should include your comments in an attachment if you do not want your address published


4 thoughts on “The Consultation Period for the proposed Linden Homes development at 169-173 Blackfriars Road is about to begin

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