10 design principles for Blackfriars Road

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May 1, 2013 by Juha Repo

Southwark Council has placed a design document on their website, based on the consultation on Blackfriars Road that took place earlier.

The whole pdf-document on the Southwark website here

  1. Provide a cohesive landscaping of Blackfriars Road whilst recognising the need to  acknowledge its different sections.
  2. Enhance and extend existing greenery to provide visual and acoustic softening, and prevent water run off.
  3. Ease pedestrian movement across Blackfriars Road at Southwark Street/ Stamford Street, Columbo Street/Burrell Street, The Cut/Union Street and St George’s Circus.
  4. Recognise and respond to the character and heritage of Blackfriars Road and its surroundings.
  5. Balance the needs of private and public vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.
  6. Integrate Blackfriars Road more effectively with the surrounding areas.
  7. Celebrate temporary events and provide opportunities for temporary uses.
  8. Support and incentivise active frontages and ground floor uses along the street.
  9. Establish a creative lighting strategy for Blackfriars Road.
  10. Develop an identity for Blackfriars Road as it becomes a destination.


BARD recognises that these principles are helpful, but would have wanted to see also the threatened Imbibe pub listed under heritage buildings, as well as Christchurch or the Peabody Estate.


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