Linden Homes revised proposals on the Blackfriars Road site

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April 9, 2013 by Juha Repo

As we briefly reported before, it does seem like our campaigning has had some effect and Linden Homes have now prepared a revised plan for the Blackfriars Road site.

This new plan was presented to the Bankside Residents’ Forum (BRF) on 11 February.

Some main points from the presentation:

  • the new plans had been made after consultations with the planning department of Southwark Council
  • the highest point, facing Blackfriars Road would now be 10 storeys, lowering down to 6 storeys on Pocock Street
  • the developers explained that height of the development had been an issue with Southwark planning and a satisfactory result had been reached at 10 storeys
  • the number of units in the new plans is reduced to 94
  • social/affordable housing needs are being discussed with Southwark Council
  • the Environment Impact Assessment for the highest option has been shelved for now, but could be reassessed
  • they will see what height development the site will support, and where the council policies on height will be
  • Blackfriars Cafe would be allowed to return

The last BARD meeting discussed these new plans and while some clear progress in accommodating some of our views is clear, we still think the following issues have not yet been addressed by Linden Homes:

  • there has not been one single proposal that includes keeping the heritage buildings or even their facades facing Blackfriars Road
  • there has not been a 3D model presented of the proposals, only architectural renderings 
  • there has been no satisfactory study on loss of light and shadows cast by the new developments in relation to existing residential buildings adjacent to the site
  • a proper and well publicized public consultation/meeting has still not yet been organised by Linden Homes (since the very first one held in Blackfriars Cafe quite some time ago)

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