Linden Homes says they are amending the plans, or are they?

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February 6, 2013 by Juha Repo

BARD has been contacted via Maxine by the PR agency working for Linden Homes. Their email stated

Over the next few weeks, we are intending to submit an amended version of the smaller scheme we consulted on last October.

The scheme proposes to demolish the existing buildings on the site and replace them with a new development providing much needed housing along with mixed use space at ground level.

In response to the public consultation, Linden has made extensive changes to the plans. We will:

  • Reduce the height of the proposed buildings.
  • Withdraw any plans to extend the Pocket Park on Surrey Row.
  • Incorporate landscaping improvements along Blackfriars Road, Surrey Row and Pocock Street.

The scheme will deliver a proportion of affordable housing and provide for active and safer frontages at ground level with space for retail facilities, including the retention of Blackfriars Cafe and laundrette.

But only a few days later Linden Homes still posted a screening opinion request for an Environmental Impact Assessment to Southwark Council. And this is again is for a 27-storey building. So are they amending their plans or are they not?

Linden Homes spokesperson explains as a reply to our enquiry:

We are intending to submit an application for the smaller scheme in the next few weeks – as I mentioned in the email, we will be making amendments to it. We are still working up detailed plans for the taller scheme. Our aim is to submit this taller scheme later this year. We will continue to keep you updated.

So it seems that the developers are still going ahead with both proposals, even if they are saying at the same time they have listened to the consultation and reduced the height.

The next BARD meeting on 21 February will once again discuss the proposals for a further public meeting suggested by Linden Homes.


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