1700 homes planned for Blackfriars Road


January 20, 2013 by Juha Repo

The LondonSE1 website posted last week about another major plan for Blackfriars Road.

This time it is Barratt Homes, who have bought Erlang House and Hill House at the St George’s Circus end of Blackfriars Road.

The developers are planning 400 flats on the site, in a mix of affordable and open market properties.

The website has made a calculation of all the proposed developments in Blackfriars Road, and come up with a figure of 1700 flats on or very close to Blackfriars Road.


One thought on “1700 homes planned for Blackfriars Road

  1. Chris says:

    Great News I am fed up of looking at those horrible old dilapidated empty buildings on such a great space
    Now that the Georgian terrace’s are being restored opposite. I really do hope the designs are in keeping and complimentary to the rest of this historic junction.
    The opportunity is to bring St Georges circus back to life as a grand gateway to the south bank ,Bankside & beyond. And not just another boring roundabout.

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