Southwark Council’s “secret meetings” with developers


December 8, 2012 by Juha Repo

The website has reported about our demonstration in a very well covered article.

But what was especially interesting for our campaign was the extra piece on Southwark Council. The website says that Southwark Councillors have clashed over “secret meetings” with developers about Blackfriars Road.


Earlier this week Cathedrals ward councillor Adele Morris challenged council leader Peter John at council assembly over the decision not to invite ward councillors to attend meetings of the Blackfriars Road Landowners’ Forum.

Cllr Morris told Cllr John: “There are a lot of rumours going around the community that you are having secret meetings with developers – which even the ward councillors are not allowed to come to – and you are carving up [Blackfriars Road] and agreeing with developers that they can put in proposals which massively contravene existing policy.”

Cllr John denied that the meetings were secret and told Cllr Morris that the sessions were designed to encourage “blue sky thinking” about the future of the road.

He said that the landowners’ forum is intended “to try and bring developers and landowners together so we can get an agreed view on public realm and a shared vision for Blackfriars Road”.


One thought on “Southwark Council’s “secret meetings” with developers

  1. […] As we reported before, based on information on the website, Southwark Council has been having regular meetings with developers who have an interest in land in and around Blackfriars Road. […]

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